Email Caddy 0.93

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Email Caddy is a handy utility application to manage the files that you send and receive through email. It allows you to organise your files in folders, rename, move and copy files in the local storage area. You can compress folders into a ZIP file for easy emailing, as well as uncompress ZIP files received through email. Manage your files through iTunes file sharing to add or remove files from the local storage area.

New features are in development and will be released over time.

Current roadmap for the next release

  • UnRAR compressed archives (Already implemented)
  • Slide show view of images in current folder (Already implemented)


  • When you open a file in Email Caddy from from another application the file will be copied to a read-only Inbox system folder in Email Caddy. You need to move the file from the Inbox folder to another folder in order to rename the file otherwise you will get a 513 error from the device.

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Feature requests welcomed.