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Cloud Nav+

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Cloud Nav is a Dropbox file manager client for iOS
It allows you to connect to your Dropbox storage to upload, download and manage your files from your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

All the same features WebDAV Nav+ available for sale in the App Store:

  • built-in WebDAV Server, attach to the local storage from your computer or another WebDAV Nav client
  • Browse local storage through web browser without a WebDAV client
  • Mount local storage as a network drive on OSX, Linux, Windows XP and Windows 7 (read -only)
  • Built in basic text editor, edit text files like .txt, .html, .css, .js, .rb or .py
  • Audio recording and upload, option to record audio in WAV or AAC.
  • Ability to view certain files without downloading them first
  • AirPlay support for streaming local media to supported devices
  • Select and upload multiple photos
  • Image slideshow of the image files in your remote folder
  • Single tap action to Download or View remote files
  • Imported photos from Albums, including imports using Camera Connection Kit
  • Import photos into the Photos app
  • Import videos into the Photos app
  • Create sub folders in local storage
  • Select default audio recording format
  • Move local files between subfolders in local storage
  • Zip local folders
  • Select multiple files for email attachments
  • Select multiple files in local storage for upload
  • Unzip local zip files into folders
  • Switch between folder and file index search modes
  • Upload whole folders from local storage
  • Uploading multiple images with EXIF data
  • "Open with.." for remote files, no need to download files to local storage first
  • Select and download multiple files
  • UnRAR compressed archives
  • Display EXIF data when viewing images
  • Bookmarks
  • TV Out mirror

New features are in development and will be released over time.

Current roadmap for the next release

  • TBA

Built-in WebDAV Server Guides

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