WebDAV Navigator for Android

The Android port of WebDAV Navigator is now available in Google Play .

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The initial release is aimed at version 1.6 and higher of the Android OS

Currently in active development, it may contain some bugs, but will include as many of the features from WebDAV Nav+ on iOS as possible.


  • Download files and resources and store them locally on the device.
  • View supported file types, including .jpg, .png, .doc, .xls and .pdf files
  • Upload images from the local photo gallery or pictures taken with the camera if available.
  • Forward downloaded documents by email
  • Supports Basic and Digest Authentication
  • HTTPS including self signed certificates
  • Ability to view certain files without downloading them first
  • Authentication popup if username and password are not saved
  • Built-in web server and WebDAV server to access your local files
  • Record 3GP audio files and upload them to your server
  • Create sub folders in local storage
  • Upload whole folders from local storage
  • Download whole folders from remote servers that support it
  • Image thumbnails for files in local storage
  • Built in web server and WebDAV server so you can access your local files through a web browser.

Localised for English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and Swedish

Current roadmap for the next release

  • Folder sync, Full, Contribute, Subscribe. Currently manually, future updates will enable background sync (Already implemented)
  • Slideshow view for local image files (Already implemented)
  • Update theme (Already implemented)
  • Option to delete marked remote files (Already implemented)
  • Access your browser bookmarks in the built-in browser (Already implemented)
  • ePUB reader (Already implemented)
  • NTLM Authentication (Already implemented)

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