WebDAV Navigator for Windows Phone 7/8

The Windows Phone port of WebDAV Navigator is no longer in active development.

Windows Phone Marketplace


  • Download files and resources and store them locally on the device.
  • Delete,Rename, Copy remote files
  • Delete,Rename,Copy and upload local files in the app
  • Upload images from the gallery or camera
  • Local folder support, arrange your locally stored files in folders
  • On Windows Phone 8 you can open PDF, DOC, XLS and other supported files in other installed applications
  • Custom ports are supported, include them in your url e.g. http://example.org:8080/webdav/

Known Problems

  • Due to platform constraints you need to have a trusted certificate on the server in order to use SSL. I've had reports that certificates from www.startssl.com work with Windows Phone 8
  • Self-signed or untrusted certificates are not supported (I've had reports that emailing your certificate and CA to the device and importing them will allow self-signed certificates to work.)
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