Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where are my downloaded files stored?

    When you download files they are stored in "local storage" within your device. You can get to the local storage area by tapping the "hard disk" icon in the bottom right of the screen.

  2. Why is the multiple upload toolbar item disabled?

    The multiple upload feature requires direct access to the raw binary data of your images and videos. As these images could contain location information stored within the EXIF data, iOS requires that the app has access to Location Services permission in order to read the content. If the icon is disabled you need to enable location services and grant permission to the app to access the location data. The app doesn't record any location information itself.

  3. Why isn't the server list sorted?

    You can manually arrange the order of the server connections in the list. Click on Edit, then drag and drop the connections into the order you want. Click Done.

  4. Why are there long random folder names in local storage?

    Each server gets a unique identity code that is never going to be the same as any other server. This folder is where all your downloads for the server will go. The reason it is generated and unique is so that you can name the connection without any restrictions. The folder name needs to stay constant as it is used in various ways including for local storage bookmarks.

  5. Why don't you just make the unique folder name the same as the connection name?
    1. Connection names don't need to be unique, folders need to be unique
    2. There are no restrictions on characters allowed in connection names, folder names would require restrictions
    3. The absolute path to the folders within the download location is used in bookmarks
    4. When you rename a connection I would need to rename the folder and any other references to the folder in bookmarks. This is messy and could cause problems.
  6. What does the server discover feature do?

    This feature uses Bonjour/ZeroConf to look for servers that advertise services of type "_webdav._tcp."

  7. Why do I get a "No peer certificate" error when connecting to my server with a self signed certificate?

    By default WebDAV Nav no longer trusts all SSL certificates. This is for security reasons. In order to trust self signed certificates you need to go to the Settings page and enable the option "Trust all certificates".