IIS 6 and Windows 2003 setup for WebDAV Navigator

These instructions have been tested on IIS 6 and Windows 2003 Web Edition. To enable WebDAV sharing through your server follow these steps:

You first need to ensure you have installed the WebDAV extension, to install it

  • Run the Add or Remove programs application from the Control Panel
  • Click on the option to Add/Remove Windows Components
  • Select the Application Server option, and then press the Details button
  • Select the Internet Information Services (IIS) option and the press on the Details button
  • Select the World Wide Web Service option and then click on the Details button
  • Select WebDAV Publishing
  • Click OK and complete the setup and installation
IIS 6 WebDAV extension installation

Configure a new folder WebDAV folder

  • Launch Explorer and create a folder you want to share through WebDAV, say c:\webdav\
  • Launch the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager application
  • Ensure the WebDAV extension is "allowed"
  • Expand the tree structure until you see the Default Web Site item
  • Right click and then create a new Virtual Directory
  • Follow the wizard prompts to create a "webdav" directory
  • Direct the wizard to the path you have previously created
  • Set the permissions to read/write/browse
IIS 6 WebDAV extension allowed IIS 6 WebDAV IIS 6 WebDAV virtual folder

Connecting to your new share

  • From within WebDAV Nav add a new server connection
  • Your URL should now be of the format http://{server_ip_address/webdav/