HTTP Redirect Support

Starting with WebDAV Nav+ 1.7.4, it is possible to correctly redirect WebDAV Nav using standard HTTP (302 or 307) redirect responses.

This will enable server administrators to redirect users based on authentication details to different servers or folders.


  • The app is configured with a URL of, with no username or password entered
  • The user attempts a connection to, the server responds requesting username and password
  • A pop up appears on the users device requesting username and password, and then resubmits the request
  • The server extracts the username from the request, and then sends a redirect response (HTTP 302 or 307) to the app with the users custom URL e.g.
  • The app then follows the redirect and connects to the new URL endpoint
  • To the user it appears that they have connected directly to their own folder

Sample Script

As an example I've created a sample Python script that may be configured to provide this service.

This has been tested on a variety of platforms include Debian, Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi.

Once this server script is configured and running, you can direct all your WebDAV Nav clients to connect directly to this endpoint. It will then handle the redirect to your real servers