These instructions have been tested on Mac OSX 10.6:

  • OSX has excellent built in support for WebDAV in Finder.
  • Open Finder
  • Press COMMAND-K
  • Enter the URL displayed in WebDAV Nav+
  • OSX will connect to any port, I would recommend setting a port higher than 1024 like 8080 or similar
  • When prompted enter the authentication details you have setup in WebDAV Nav+
  • You should now have a read only network drive that you can use to copy files off your device.

Even though Digest authentication is correctly used to authenticate OSX clients, due to a BUG with Windows devices authentication is not correctly enforced with Windows clients connecting to the WebDAV Nav+. Please only use the WebDAV server on secure networks and use with caution until I can find a better way to secure the connection for all clients.