These instructions have been tested on Windows XP and Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate:

  • Make sure the WebDAV server settings in WebDAV Nav+ are set for HTTP port 80. Windows XP doesn't appear to connect to any other ports.
  • On Windows open explorer
  • Select the Map Network Drive menu option
  • Enter the URL displayed in WebDAV Nav+, and then the name you have given to your server in WebDAV Nav+
  • It is important to include the name of your server as displayed in the server list, otherwise Windows will not correctly mount the folder.
  • When prompted enter the authentication details you have setup in WebDAV Nav+
  • You should now have a read only network drive that you use to copy files off your device.

Even though Digest authentication is currently attempted with Windows, authentication details are not enforced. Please use with caution only on trusted networks until I can find a way to work around the issues with Windows and secure the authentication.