In order to add a server connection to WebDAV Navigator you need the server URL, a username and password.
On launching WebDAV Nav click the + sign in the top right, enter the above details which you have been provided by your storage service or system administrator, give the connection a name, and then save the details.

Back on the main screen you can select the server you just added by the connection name, and you should then be able to browse the remote files on the server.

If you want to change the order your servers are listed, simply click the Edit button in the top left and then drag and drop the servers into the correct order.

To get file options on files, press the file name and keep your finger pressed down for a second or two. The context menu should popup.

If you download any remote files they will be copied to the local storage area. The local storage area is accessible by clicking on the little hard disk icon in the bottom right of the screen when viewing remote files. Once downloaded into local storage you also have file options when long pressing on the local files. You can rename, delete or email individual files from this popup menu.

If you want to email multiple files from local storage, then simply select them by pressing on the checkmark on the right next to each file name. When you have selected all your files you want then press the checkmark in the top right of the screen for more options.

When viewing remote files there are 2 photo upload icons at the bottom of the screen, a single photo and multiple photos. You use these to upload either a single image from the or multiple images. Unfortunately due to platform restrictions you currently require Location permission to upload multiple photos.