WebDAV Nav Sync requires that your server support "infinite depth" queries.

Synchronising two folders on different devices is a complex problem and could potentially alter, delete and override your files.

You should always maintain backups of all your files before using the sync feature

To enable the sync feature, go to the settings page and enable the option "Enable sync option for connections". You will then notice a sync button next to each connection on the connect list page.

You can add multiple synchronisation entries for each server connection you define within the app. This will allow you to create settings for unrelated folders on the same server.

To create a sync setup you are prompted to give the entry a descriptive name so that you know at a glance what it is going to attempt to sync. You then need to define which "remote" and "local" folders are going to be used for the sync. The "remote" folder is the folder on the server and the "local" folder is a folder on your device.

You then need to select the type of sync you want to perform. There are three options:

  1. Full sync (both directions, will download, upload and potentially delete files)
  2. Subscribe (The app will only download changes from the server to your local folder, no uploads will be performed)
  3. Contribute (The app will only upload changes to the server, no downloads will be performed)
Once you have selected the type of synchronisation to perform there is one final setting, "Allow delete". When enabled this option will allow the app to offer up deletion of files as part of the synchronisation. The synchronisation is currently configured to require a manual selection of the files to synchronise. Once you click on the "preview" option you will be presented with a list of changes. You need to select which changes you want to make, and then select "Sync now" to complete the changes.

When there is a conflict i.e. a file has changed on the server and the device, then you need to select which version you want to use. The icons on conflicted files refer to which file to use, either the remote or local file.