WebDAV NavX is an extension to WebDAV Nav+ that allows you to display your own custom logo on app launch as well as restrict certain features of the application.

It is expected that this extension would be most useful to organisations that run WebDAV Nav+ on a number of devices including Schools and Universities.

To configure each device you are required to host a configuration file on your own web server and 2 optional logo images to use when launching the app. The configuration file is a basic text file in JSON format that can be edited in any text editor.

Each device is configured by directing the WebDAV NavX extension to the configuration file on the server. This is only done once to configure the device. Each configuration file is PIN code protected and the code is required to enable or disable the WebDAV NavX configuration within the app. For security it is recommended that the configuration file be located in a protected folder on the server and that a password be required to download the file.

The configuration options include the ability to restrict these features:

  • Add new connections
  • Edit existing connections
  • Delete connections
  • PIN lock feature
  • Built-in WebDAV server
  • Device to device file sharing on the local network
  • TV Out
  • Folder sync
  • Ability to toggle the SSL trust options
  • Force the setting for the SSL trust option
  • Automatically add a list of connections to a device

Please contact support@schimera.com to get more information about WebDAV NavX.

Sample Files

WebDAV NavX configuration pack (webdavnavx.zip)

How to use

  • Edit the sample index.json file and set the values you require for your environment. You can rename the file if required.
  • If you want to display an optional logo after launch, create two versions of your logo: logo.png and logo@2x.png.
    The logo@2x.png version should be exactly twice the size of the logo.png file.
  • Copy the JSON configuration file to your web server that is accessible to the devices you want to configure.
  • Enable the IAP for WebDAV NavX on the devices you want to configure, and then go to the Settings page to direct the app at the configuration file you have created


The app will search for a services on the local network that advertise as "_webdavnavx._tcp"

On a Linux based server running Avahi you can create a file called /etc/avahi/services/webdavnavx.service with the following content

<?xml version="1.0" standalone='no'?>
<!DOCTYPE service-group SYSTEM "avahi-service.dtd">
  <name>WebDAV NavX Configuration</name>

Edit the "path" variable to point to the path you copied the configuration file to. The logo.png and logo@2x.png files will need to be located in the same folder

And then restart the Avahi daemon for the settings to take affect. WebDAV Nav+ should then be able to search the LAN and display the option when configuring WebDAV NavX